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Be Connected/Worship

Get Connected Weekly

Connections is a small group environment in which students can study the Bible, engage in prayer, and fellowship with a smaller group of students their own age and gender.

(Sundays 8:45 am-9:45 am)

Meet your Connections Leaders


Jason and Meredith Powers
Tim and Katrina Dawson

6th Grade Boys

Jon Knight

6th Grade Girls

Charlin Knight

7th and 8th Grade Boys

Derrick Fretwell

7th and 8th Grade Girls

Amy Burmeister

9th and 10th Grade Boys

Michael Bush and Shawn Mistovoch

9th and 10th Grade Girls

Ashley Mistovich and Michaela Bush

11th and 12th Grade Boys

Scott Jordan

11th and 12th Grade Girls

Vikki Jordan


Icon: Worship

is a large group environment in which students can participate in worship, fellowship and teaching with the entire youth group.

(Wednesdays 6:15 pm-7:15 pm)

6th Grade Orientation

This mid-July event gives our incoming 6th grade students and their parents an opportunity to meet their connection teachers and hear from their student pastor everything they are about the experience as they enter middle school at Pine Terrace Baptist Church. This event is held the morning of Beach Bash and students are encouraged to attend upon the completion of the meeting.


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