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Handyman Ministry

The handyman ministry of Pine Terrace is a network of Godly men and women who have the spiritual gift of service and a willingness to help others. God gives us all spiritual gifts, and we are expected to exercise them accordingly (Romans 12:6-8). People have needs and may not have the resources or abilities, while others have skills and are willing to help one another. By serving others the handyman ministry will:

  • Bring glory to God
  • Build up the body of Christ
  • Use and strengthen our God-given talents
  • Develop relationships and create evangelism opportunities
  • Build the fellowship among the members of the ministry

The mission of the handyman ministry is to assist, members of Pine Terrace or referrals made by members, those who are physically and or financially unable to complete small projects around their home. The ministry helps screen, plan, and organize small projects that assist people with various needs in their home. The men and women of the ministry believe that the scripture commands us to take care of widows, the poor, and those who are in need in our church family and community.


The handyman ministry provides people with skills to complete the project. The homeowner provides the materials to be used in the project. (In some cases an exception may be made if the homeowner is unable to buy the needed materials. However, in those cases a request must be made in advance and approved.) All labor is free of charge. These projects should be completed in one work day. Any project that requires more than one work day must be approved prior to the beginning of the project. Projects are limited to repair or restoration of existing structures unless otherwise approved. Type of services provided include:

  • Carpentry
  • Painting
  • Plumbing (small jobs}*
  • Electrical (small jobs)*
  • Yard work (Gutter Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Raking, Grass Cutting)
  • Ramps*

*The handyman ministry is unable to provide services for requests that require a permit by the local county.

For questions about the Handyman Ministry, please contact Robbi Hardy or Justin Gambrell.

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Please note that not all requests can be met by the Handyman Ministry team. Each need will be prayerfully considered and presented to our volunteer team, and then we will contact you. Some financial assistance may be available.